In Home Aquarium Servicing

For our local customers residing in California near the Sacramento, Yuba Sutter, or Chico area we offer in home aquarium servicing and installation. All of our qualified staff have over 10 years experience in the hobby to help you with your aquarium journey, from planted and reef aquariums, to something a little more exotic like stingrays, or sea jellies.

With each aquarium cleaning you will receive water testing for all parameters needed to keep your aquarium in tip top shape, along with free water needed for cleaning the aquarium. 

All service clients will also receive discounts on anything needed for your aquarium, including dry goods, live stock, food, or maybe a whole new system all together. Something you need not listed on our website, or maybe that new center piece fish that you've always wanted? We pride ourselves in sourcing whatever it is our service clients for the cheapest price guaranteed.  

Pricing Monthly Visit  Twice Monthly Visit
Freshwater Aquarium $0.50 per Gallon $0.85 per Gallon
Marine Aquarium $0.85 per Gallon $1.50 per Gallon
Reef Aquarium  $1.00 per Gallon $1.75 per Gallon


We also offer installation of aquarium setups or maybe just a single piece of equipment and with special offers when purchased from us or when combined with our monthly service. Can't find the tank that fits your home or work place just right, not a problem, we also do custom aquariums and stands for those who want something a little more unique. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us about any further questions you may have or to set up an appointment today.